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Top CPG Manufacturer's 30% Warehouse Productivity Jump

This leading CPG manufacturer is a household name and a premiere manufacturer of household products. The company’s logistics and warehouse operations teams were held back by a manual inbound process defined by unadopted technology, phone calls, emails, spreadsheets. This resulted not only in lack of visibility into daily schedule, order status and historical performance but also in longer gate-to-gate times, suboptimal staffing levels and labor costs across receiving and materials planning teams. 

Hear Bryan Zimmer, Warehouse Logistics Leader at a top CPG manufacturer, on how they combined innovative technology with process changes to:

  • Automate a manual and error-prone scheduling process to 98%+ carrier adoption
  • Get accurate visibility into inbound loads and order status
  • Improve warehouse efficiency and switch from 24x7 to 6-to-6 model, eliminating third shift
  • Reduce detention charges with accurate shipment audit history    
  • Reduce labor costs by 30% by implementing daily staffing adjustments