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Welcome to the scheduling economy

Velostics is a pioneer of unified scheduling of truck shipments between shipper, broker and end customer. 

SCheduling trend

Scheduling is still broken

90% of over 1B annual shipments in the US require manual intervention.

The State of Scheduling in the 00s

Spreadsheets and phone calls were common, resulting in inefficiencies and errors. 

The State of Scheduling in the 10s

Legacy ERP, WMS and TMS solutions incorporated basic scheduling features in their solutions. Still requires calls/emails to make and update bookings.

The State of Scheduling in the 20s

60% of all shipments are being scheduled via phone calls and emails. Growing but disconnected TMS, WMS, ERP and YMS systems have moved the problem, but have not solved it.

The State of Scheduling in the 30s

AI is omnipresent in business. Autonomous warehouses, autonomous trucks and unmanned terminals leave businesses still relying on siloed systems and manual email/phone calls for scheduling, irrelevant. 

heard from the industry

Need for unified scheduling

Bid farewell to managing multiple tools and scattered communication. Enhance existing technology strategy with a unified scheduling platform to deliver on customer expectations quickly.


Increase in volumes

Carriers make money when they drive, shippers when they ship, not when they wait. Increase throughput.


Reduce cost of labor

Automate inbound/outbound shipments with precision, freeing resources for higher value tasks.


Manage by Exception

Focus on what matters, knowing logistics processes are running seamlessly and flawlessly.

Our Unified Scheduling Approach

Making every connection count

We seamlessly integrate with your existing Warehouse Management System (WMS), Transportation Management System (TMS), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. These integrations form the backbone of our Unified Scheduling, creating a synchronized orchestra of data and actions.

Our approach is to deliver value fast

Cloud based platform, go live in a day

As easy as booking a restaurant on "Open Table".

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule/late reminders
✓ Slot booking
PO/ASN validation
BOL/packing list
✓ Scheduling API

Warehouse Planning

Daily schedules visibility 
✓ Labor planning 
✓ Capacity management 
✓ Outage management 
✓ Auto load rescheduling


Driver Check-in-2

Text-based check-in 
✓ Guard / receiving desk
✓ Custom forms 
✓ BOL capture 
✓ Facility access


Dock and Yard

✓ Hot orders handling 
✓ Un/loading workflows 
✓ Broken seals 
✓ Compliance monitoring


Performance Scorecards

Gate-to-gate analytics
✓ Warehouse performance
✓ Vendor on-time analytics
✓ Carrier performance  
✓ Detention reports



Transform your logistics operations with world-class automation, user experience, and customer support


<1 month

Payback time on Velostics rollout.


40% reduction 

In driver wait times.


30% increase

In S&R productivity (shipments handled).


Loads balanced

Throughout the day and week.


Time savings

Schedulers, S&R, and warehouse.


Audit reports

To support or refute detention charges. 

❝Velostics was key in supporting our expansion and business growth without additional hiring.❞


Mike Shorts
Chief Operating Officer
3PL Services, Warehousing and Logistics


❝Velostics lets us plan for customer orders and special requirements. Loads that took 2-3 hours now take 30 mins.❞


Dennis Bailey
Manager, Shipping and Receiving
Industrial Manufacturer

“Velostics is so easy to use, we quickly and painlessly rolled it out to all our plants and schedulers.”


Tammy Burnette
Director, Continuous Improvement, Systems and Process
F&B Manufacturer



Velostics Insights

How Automating Appointment Scheduling Saves Time & Money

By using software and other technologies to automate the scheduling process, businesses can reduce the time and effort required to schedule appointments and improve the efficiency of their operations.

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ROI Calculator

How much would you be able to save with Velostics by optimizing scheduling, shipping and receiving, and detention?

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