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Goodbye Facility Congestion

Get logistics superpowers with the fastest growing and most complete logistics platform for un/loading at terminals and warehouses.

Increase throughput, automate slot scheduling, eliminate errors, reduce costs, streamline process, improve customer experience.

Turn Around the Terminal Experience

Slow Throughput
Poor Customer Experience
Costly Errors
Painful Cancel/Rebills
Air Pollution

Remove the "Where" From Warehouse

Manual Slot Scheduling
Paper-Based Check-In
Lack of Transparency
Lack of Accountability
Time-Consuming PO/ BoL Reconciliation

We've Taken Care of the Hard Part

Easy setup in minutes with an experience that works like you'd expect it to
Already integrated with major terminal and dispatch systems
No need to train customers, drivers or dispatchers

The Facility of the Future is Here

Solving today’s problems while laying the groundwork for freight’s autonomous future.

Meet Our Team

Gaurav Khandelwal
ChieF Executive OFFICER
Bootstrapped ChaiOne to 30+ Fortune 500 clients building enterprise software. Serial entrepreneur, board member and investor. EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.
Rana Nawas
Led $1B aircraft leasing business for GE Capital in MENA pioneering new markets, customers and products. Worked in 4 continents in business development roles. Ex McKinsey, founder of When Women Win podcast.
Jay Tchakarov
Chief operations officer
Launched and led SAAS product at HighRadius ($3.2B valuation in 2021). Built and scaled marketing and inside sales team that generated 95%+ of net new business and 70% CAGR.