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Powering Contactless Logistics.

Deploy Velostics Pass at your terminals, warehouses, and plants to cut wait times for inbound vehicles, improve throughput and eliminate errors and demurrage.

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Eliminate errors from manual data entry, optimize vehicle traffic on site and increase throughput by 14%.


Get demurrage under control, eliminate time consuming manual check-in and paperwork and save 32 minutes per truck.

In-house Logistics

Automate logistics management to reduce OPEX and get accurate logistics milestones and real-time BOLs/PODs.


Automate dispatch, driver, and client communication, minimize dwell time, access PODs and invoice in real time.

Why Velostics?

Velostics was born from interviews of 232 companies and over 1000 users by our behavioral scientists. We focused on the key stress and frustration points around slow manual steps, usability, errors, lack of visibility, siloed legacy systems, integration costs and shadow systems. The result is an easy to use platform that leverages modern microservices architecture to integrate with third party systems while ensuring adoption with a beautiful experience users love.

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Enterprise-grade Logistics

Velostics is an enterprise SAAS system that delivers continuous innovation, comprehensive security and access controls, and standard-based integration APIs. Velostics powers the world’s leading industrial supply chain and logistics network for error-free transactions and high data fidelity.

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