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Intelligent Yard 

Modernize your yard operations with shorter, faster movement recommendations. Track, manage, and streamline every aspect of your yard.

the key to successful logistics operations

Improve your yard turn-time

Leverage Velostics' optimized scheduling, and comprehensive management of docks, trailers, and tasks, alongside an intuitive interface and tailor-made facility settings, to enhance and track your critical efficiency metrics.



Ensure driver safety with contactless text messaging based communication.


Fast implementation

Easily integrate with TMS, WMS and ERP to go-live in days.


No hardware

Get value quickly with a scalable solution, add hardware at your convenience.

Yard Management

Optimize load scheduling with drop & hook appointments

Two clicks to book drop & hook appointments for increased efficiency and reduced dead head for your carrier partners.

organizedYard (1)
resource allocation

Shorter and faster movements

Streamline the allocation and oversight of yard jockey duties to ensure the swift relocation of trailers to the optimal spots for efficient loading and unloading processes.

Appointment Booking

Efficient Time Management

Easily book and manage appointments for trucks and trailers, reducing wait times and ensuring smooth transitions in and out of your yard.

Text-based Communication

Instant Check-in/out

With our intuitive scheduling and calendar-based management say goodbye to complex layouts and say hello to streamlined operations.

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Seamless Workflow Integration

Integrate with your Warehouse Management System for seamless data flow between your yard and warehouse, improving overall operational efficiency.

What you get

Boost your Efficiency


Increase Productivity

Reduce idle time and improve resource allocation.


Enhanced Visibility

Gain real-time insights into yard operations for better decision-making.


Improved Customer Satisfaction:

Improve overall productivity with faster truck processing times.

Automating three-way scheduling has been a game changer for our operations team”


Juan Mayer
Dir of Operations, Leading Regional Transportation Provider


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