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Learn about a top CPG Manufacturer's 30% Warehouse Productivity Jump

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This case study highlights the swift and impactful implementation of Velostics' Dock Scheduling Solution at a leading American household items manufacturer and distributor. Faced with manual appointment scheduling challenges and a lack of visibility into daily operations, the company sought a solution to align technology with physical processes and enhance supply chain efficiency.


The customer's manual scheduling processes and limited visibility into daily operations led to inefficiencies and high labor costs. Their 24-hour receiving operations lacked efficiency, and there was a need for a solution that could quickly address these challenges.


The primary objectives were:

  1. Drive efficiency
  2. Align technology with processes
  3. Reduce costs, time, and defects.

The focus was on easy carrier appointment scheduling, comprehensive visibility, user-friendly management, and a quick implementation within 3 to 4 weeks.

The Solution

Velostics' comprehensive dock scheduling software solution empowered carriers and vendors to schedule outbound appointments, systematically preventing over-scheduling. Key features included capturing essential information and organizing truck loading/unloading based on appointment slots.


The implementation yielded impressive results: balanced loads, real-time tracking, 33%+ labor reduction, 98%+ carrier adoption, accurate visibility into inbound loads, and a shift from 24x7 to a more efficient 6-to-6 model. Detention charges decreased, and labor costs saw a significant 30% reduction.

In conclusion, Velostics' dock scheduling solution not only addressed immediate challenges but laid the groundwork for a streamlined and efficient yard management process. The user-friendly, quick-to-implement solution marked a significant improvement in overall supply chain processes for the top CPG manufacturer.