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Pallet Service Transforms Scheduling & Visibility


Embark on Pallet Service Corporation's (PSC) transformative journey with Velostics' innovative scheduling solution.

For over 50 years, PSC has been a family-owned wood products supplier facing scheduling challenges across three facilities. The manual and labor-intensive process hindered visibility and efficiency, prompting PSC to partner with Velostics for a comprehensive solution.

Challenges included manual scheduling, limited visibility, and the absence of user tracking. PSC's objectives were clear: streamline operations, reduce expenses, and enhance supply chain processes. Velostics' solution empowered carriers to self-schedule, systematically controlling appointment blocks and introducing features like notifications and audit trails.

The results were remarkable: 90%+ carrier self-scheduling, a 30-minute delivery window with only 15% outside, and a 95% reduction in detention claims. The implementation created a template for best practices and plans for expansion to other facilities. The partnership not only automated inefficient processes but also fostered accountability, trust, and improved carrier relationships.

In conclusion, PSC's collaboration with Velostics marked a significant improvement in efficiency and accountability, setting the stage for a seamless rollout across multiple facilities. The success story emphasizes the importance of selecting the right partner for current needs while ensuring adaptability for future enhancements.