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The New Warehouse Episode 435: Streamlining Warehouse Scheduling with AI


In episode 435 of The New Warehouse podcast, Gaurav Khandelwal, CEO of Velostics, shares insights into the company's groundbreaking logistics solutions. Specializing in custom software for diverse industries, including oil, gas, and e-commerce, Velostics is reshaping operational efficiency.

The podcast explores Velostics' innovative approach to automate manual scheduling processes through a "branded website" for shippers. This streamlines appointments, optimizing dock usage, improving labor management, and reducing detention times, ultimately resulting in substantial cost savings.

Khandelwal underscores Velostics' impact on the relationship between shippers and brokers, transforming check-in and check-out operations. The company's AI-powered solutions provide predictive analytics, enabling warehouses to anticipate delays and proactively adjust operations in real-time, positioning them as active participants in an interconnected supply chain.

In summary, Velostics stands out as an innovative force in logistics software, offering tailored solutions, automating scheduling processes, and leveraging AI for proactive warehouse operations. For a deeper dive into these insights, watch the full episode on The New Warehouse podcast.