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Optimizing Logistics: How Asahi Kasei Plastics Slashed Loading Times by 80%


Asahi Kasei Plastics North America, a global chemical company, faced operational challenges in planning and prioritizing daily workloads, leading to manual scheduling inefficiencies and suboptimal productivity.

Seeking to enhance efficiency, employee satisfaction, and customer service, they partnered with Velostics. The transformative solution empowered carriers to schedule outbound appointments independently, controlled appointment blocks systematically, and introduced appointment-slot-based truck loading.

This streamlined logistics, achieving over 98% carrier scheduling adoption and reducing loading times by up to 80%. The centralized scheduling system improved visibility, allowing the shipping and receiving team to right-size staffing, pre-stage loads effectively, and enhance labor productivity.

The initiative not only automated inefficient processes but also significantly improved the perfect order rate, making Asahi Kasei Plastics North America the preferred supplier. This comprehensive optimization aligned technology with physical processes, driving efficiency gains and boosting both employee satisfaction and customer service quality. Deep dive into Asahi Kasei Plastic North America's detailed journey below.