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Podcast: The Logistics of Logistics with Gaurav Khandelwal

In this podcast, Gaurav Khandelwal, CEO of Velostics, discusses how their cloud-based logistics software automates scheduling and streamlines processes for shippers, carriers, and logistics providers. Velostics aims to eliminate manual scheduling, reduce friction in the handoff process, and provide user-friendly tools for better decision-making. Khandelwal shares his journey from India to starting a logistics technology company in the US and emphasizes the importance of enterprise software being as easy to use as consumer apps.

The podcast explores how Velostics integrates with existing systems, caters to various customers, and simplifies driver communication using text-based systems and QR codes. Khandelwal also discusses the significance of driver efficiency, cost optimization through automation, and the potential impact of a four-day workweek on scheduling.

The podcast delves into the substantial costs of detention, the benefits of benchmarking and scorecarding, and the potential of generative AI in improving logistics operations. Velostics’ quick implementation process and yard management solution are also highlighted, along with the importance of reducing turn times and improving handoffs in the industry.

Hear the podcast and read more in The Logistics of Logistics Website.