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Mastering the Brew: Mark Anthony Brewing's Operational Innovation

In the ever-evolving landscape of beverage manufacturing, staying ahead requires not only innovation in products but also in the operational backbone that keeps the business flowing. Mark Anthony Brewing Inc., the genius behind White Claw® Hard Seltzer and Mike’s® Hard Lemonade, recognized this need and embarked on a transformative journey with Velostics appointment scheduling. The results? Nothing short of spectacular.

The Customer:

Mark Anthony Brewing boasts a portfolio featuring some of the most sought-after beverage brands, including White Claw® Hard Seltzer, Mike’s® Hard Lemonade, Mike’s HARDER®, Cayman Jack®, and MXD Cocktails. With such a stellar lineup, the pressure to optimize every aspect of the production and distribution process is immense.

The Challenge: Scaling Up Without Losing Control

For a company rapidly expanding across 90+ suppliers and various geographies, the need to streamline operations became critical. Mark Anthony Brewing faced the challenge of eliminating manual processes that were not only time-consuming and error-prone but also hindered effective communication between teams.

The objectives were clear:

  1. Focus: Direct planners' attention towards minimizing risks to production, not on manual scheduling hassles.
  2. Balance: Efficiently distribute loads throughout the day/week, minimizing driver wait times.
  3. Detention: Control, challenge, and reduce detention charges for optimized cost management.
  4. Visibility: Provide real-time confirmation to planners when critical deliveries arrive.

The Solution:

Mark Anthony Brewing made a strategic move by adopting Velostics, empowering suppliers and partners to schedule appointments seamlessly through an intuitive interface. The impact was profound:

  • Elimination of Manual Scheduling Woes: Velostics eradicated low-value, error-prone manual scheduling, freeing up valuable time and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Optimized Dock Capacity and Resource Utilization: Balancing loads and minimizing detention costs became a reality, driving up resource utilization.
  • Enhanced Visibility Across Facilities: Velostics provided a comprehensive view of incoming loads across all facilities, promoting smarter decision-making.
  • Promoting a Safe and Healthy Environment: Beyond efficiency gains, the solution contributed to creating a safe and healthy workspace for the brewing teams.

Watch the case study webinar to delve deeper into the success story of Mark Anthony Brewing's logistical transformation. [Watch Now]