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Modernizing refined fuels logistics

Over 750,000 refined fuel truck loads in the US result in errors. Get a high-performing solution that connects the data silos to eliminate errors.

Benefits for refined fuels

Loading slots

Unscheduled loads result in congestion and low throughput. Offer loading day parts to flatten the curve to move more product.

No driver errors

Automatically pre-stage each dispatch order at the terminal to avoid delays and errors. Loads are associated with loading number and driver.

Faster throughput

Elimination of driver entry reduces time at the rack and increases throughput by 8%. No need to add more tracks.


Eliminate dry runs

No more time and opportunity wasted due to allocation or product availability issues. Reserve the product and the pick-up time for guaranteed availability at the terminal.

Faster reconciliation

Get load actuals in real-time at completion. No need for driver apps or pictures of the bill of lading.

TMS/TAS integration

Velostics provides quick integration capabilities with leading systems like TMW, Toptech, and DTN via sFTP or API.


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How much would you be able to save with Velostics by optimizing scheduling, shipping and receiving, and detention?

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