Remove Inefficiencies

Tackle the challenges of energy, manufacturing, 3PL logistics and facilities with a comprehensive solution that eliminates errors, eliminates low-value manual tasks and data entry, and improves throughput at plants, warehouses, and terminals.

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Optimize Your Labor

No more emails/spreadsheets/calls to reserve appointments. Powerful easy to use platform to reserve slots for your customers or let them schedule it on their own.


Powerful capacity management

Maximize dock utilization and eliminate scheduling errors with the industry-leading capacity management solution. Velostics manages slot availability, appointment duration, and scheduling based on facility, equipment, products, and POs.

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Reduce Detention Fees

Enable drivers arriving at your facilities to self check in by texting a simple 4 digit code. Simple consumer experience with no training required, just like curbside pickup. Now you have the data for appointment time, check in and check out time. 


Fast Integrations

Simplify communication and integration between your systems and your suppliers, customers, and carriers with our integration AI that seamlessly integrates and passes logistics and order data between ERP, TMS, dispatch and TAS systems.

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Load issue identification

Identify problems with load before trucks arrive at facilities - driver authorizations, insurance, product availability and allocation. Velostics points out potential issues so that they can be resolved before the driver is on site and waiting.


Replace Spreadsheets

A simple to use, lightweight dispatch solution for small carriers who do not have the time or resources to invest in a large TMS and related IT projects.

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High Performance Metrics

Get access to critical data to make fast and impactful decisions with facilities, carriers, vendors, and customers performance scorecards and reports.

Technology Stack

Made for Enterprise 

  • Scalable Architecture

  • APPS

  • API

  • DATA

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Scalable architecture
for distributed logistics

Our microservices-based architecture allows purpose built apps and third party systems to sit on top of our core API. Powerful intelligence and reporting set us up to be your foundational system for your logistics so you can focus on your customer experience.

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Business Apps

Build or integrate with purpose built apps that power different aspects of your business.

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Core API

Robust API to easily integrate with third party systems to enable data to flow seamlessly between systems.

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Intelligence Engine

Get access to critical data to make fast and impactful decisions with facilities, carriers, vendors, and customers performance scorecards and reports.


How much would you be able to save with Velostics by optimizing scheduling, shipping and receiving and detention? 


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