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What if slot scheduling, check-in and reconciliation were and automated?

Track, measure & improve, stay informed, stay in control.

Remove the "Where" From Warehouse

Manual Slot Scheduling
Paper-Based Check-In
Lack of Transparency
Lack of Accountability
Time-Consuming PO/ BoL Reconciliation

Velostics Gives You Superpowers

Velostics Slot

Enables efficient and transparent appointment scheduling by both the vendor and the facility operator. Integrates with all Warehouse Management Systems to accurately manage capacity.

Velostics Pass

Enables contactless & paperless check-in via text message or QR code. No need for driver to see clerk or exchange paperwork. Automates PO/ eBOL reconciliation to cut gate-to-gate-time.

Velostics Insights

Provides facility with real-time dashboard of operations (door usage, PO/BOL reconciliation, etc.) and creates scorecards to help operator evaluate & compare on-time performance of vendors and dwell time of multiple facilities.

Velostics Insights

Create Performance Scorecards

  • Dock usage
  • On-time performance
  • Dwell time

In Numbers

Increased in capacity
Visibility and optimization save time and free up resources.
Less Time Spent Scheduling
We deal with dispatch so you can focus on what matters.
Fewer Missed Appointments
Loading / unloading avails are optimized to speed up handling time.

We've Taken Care of the Hard Part

Easy setup in minutes with an experience that works like you'd expect it to
Already integrated with major terminal and dispatch systems
No need to train customers, drivers or dispatchers