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What if ordering, scheduling and loading were error-free and automated?

Increase throughput, eliminate errors, reduce costs, streamline process, improve customer experience.

Turn Around the Terminal Experience

Slow Throughput
Poor Customer Experience
Costly Errors
Painful Cancel/Rebills
Air Pollution

Velostics Gives You Superpowers

Velostics AI

Enables order-based loading by using AI to facilitate communication between Dispatch & Terminal Systems. Eliminates manual entry, delays, and errors.

Velostics Pass

Enables contactless check-in via text message or QR scan-based check-in. No need for driver to make any manual inputs.

Velostics Insights

Enables carriers to proactively resolve issues with dispatched loads (e.g., allocation, driver authorization, trailer certification) before they cause delays on site.

Velostics Insights

Proactively Alert Your Customers

  • Allocation exceptions
  • Invalid driver authorizations
  • Expired trailer EPA certifications
  • Outage alerts

In Numbers

Increase in Throughput and Revenue
Reduction in Manual Tasks for Loading
Reduction in Data Errors, Invoice Issues and Re-bills

We've Taken Care of the Hard Part

Easy setup in minutes with an experience that works like you'd expect it to
Already integrated with major terminal and dispatch systems
No need to train customers, drivers or dispatchers