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Velostics for Warehouses

Cut gate-to-gate time by 32 minutes
Reduce logistics  overhead costs by 38%
Minimize demurrage and detention fees

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Warehouse managers are challenged to move vehicles in and out quickly, minimize delays due to manual and paper-based processes, and reduce admin overhead of managing both inbound and outbound logistics. Velostics integrates your warehouse ops, vendors and carriers to optimize warehouse logistics and reduce operating costs.


Demurrage reduction

23%+ reduction in demurrage and detention fees.

Throughput increase

13% increase in throughput through facility.

Manual task elimination

Automation of time-consuming and manual check-in and check-out processes.

Improved site safety

Improved site safety, incident and COVID-19 spread reduction with touch-free processes and procedures.

BOL/POD capture

Real-time, digital capture of Bill of Lading, Proof of Delivery and other documentation.

Accurate Demurrage

Accurate visibility into dwell time from arrival to departure, not just gate-to-gate.

Key Features

Velostics Pass

Contactless, quick, error-free vehicle check-in and load with a QR code that integrates your customers and carriers with your warehouse management system.

Velostics Driver App

Award-winning user interface makes it easy to communicate job details to drivers and to automate access to facility via Velostics Pass.

Velostics Scanner

Easy-to-use kiosk or mobile app to check in vehicles, validate driver credentials, and optimize on-site logistics.

Loading and Unloading Procedures

Step by step instructions and digital checklists to collect required data, and provide auditable record of HS&E compliance.

logistics milestones

Accurate arrival, departure, dwell times give you visibility beyond gate-to-gate time and drive down demurrage.


Analyze performance and identify suppliers, carriers and facilities that introduce delays, errors and costs into logistics operations.

Built for Enterprise and Integration

Real-Time Integration

Standard API-based integrations with ERP, warehouse and inventory management systems provide low-risk and quick time to value.

In-house logistics team support

Comprehensive set of tools to coordinate shipments, automate BOL and POD paperwork and reduce operating costs.

Carrier support and

Targeted functionality for carriers helps their vehicles spend less time waiting and more time driving while speeding up their cash flow.

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