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Velostics for Logistics Teams

No more status update calls and emails
Eliminate 95% of errors and delays
Same-day invoicing

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Logistics managers manage multiple stakeholders, including suppliers and customers, carriers, drivers and facilities across organizations and systems. An integrated logistics platform, Velostics breaks down barriers between teams, companies and systems to eliminate inefficiencies, risk and errors that hurt profitability and delay the cash cycle.


No more status calls or emails

Built-in collaboration and info sharing to align cross-functional and cross-company team.

Logistics control tower

Real-time visibility into status, delays, and risk across loads and carriers.

95% fewer errors and delays

Automated accurate communication of load requirements and procedures to carriers and drivers.

Faster cash cycle

Same day invoicing with real-time availability of POD across loads, customers, and carriers.

Low risk project

Quick and easy onboarding process with same day go-live option.

Key Features

Shipment Management

A comprehensive set of tools to schedule and coordinate shipments, pickup and delivery windows with brokers, carriers and drivers.

Logistics Control Tower

Real-time view of load status, location and ETA for quick decisions across freight services providers.

Packaged Shipments

Clearly communicate shipment manifest, weights and dims and equipment needs to eliminate errors and delays.

Bulk Shipments

Support for fuel, crude, commodities, chemicals and other bulk loads with planned vs actual volumes.

Velostics Driver App

Award-winning user interface makes it easy to communicate with drivers and to automate BOL, POD, and bulk load ticket collection.

BOL and POD Automation

Automated BOL, POD, and ticket capture workflows at origin and destination for packaged and bulk loads.

Freight Charge Reconciliation

Workflows to review and approve freight charges and minimize freight invoice admin work.

Logistics Analytics

Analyze performance and identify shippers, customers, carriers and facilities that introduce demurrage, delays and errors into logistics operations.

Built for Enterprise and Integration

Integrations with Transportation Management Systems

API-based integrations with leading transportation management systems reduce risk and time to value.

Carrier Support

Targeted functionality for carriers helps reduce dispatch work and ticket entry, improving productivity and reducing operating expenses.

Logistics Provider/Carrier Management

Manage preferred logistics services providers - brokers and carriers.

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