Velostics Scanner App

  • Contactless check-in
  • No paperwork and manual entry
  • Instant receiving process completion and inventory update
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Key Features

Velostics Pass

Contactless, quick, error-free vehicle check-in and load/unload with a QR code that accurately identifies driver, customer, and manifest.

Automated Check-in and Routing

Instant, paperless vehicle and driver check-in and door/rack assignment upon arrival at facility.

Load Details

Complete load information, including description, weights and dims, pictures, and special instructions.

Job Requirements

Accurate specification of equipment (type of vehicle, additional equipment needs) and driver (TWIC card, language, etc.) needs for each load.

Location-specific Loading and Unloading Procedures

Step by step instructions and digital checklists to load and unload trucks, collect required data, and provide auditable record of HS&E compliance.

BOL and POD Automation

Automated BOL, POD, and ticket capture workflows at point of origin and destination for packaged and bulk loads.

Automated ERP and Inventory Updates

Complete the receiving process in real time with automated updates to inventory and PO upon unloading vehicle.


Built on top of the Velostics Integrated Logistics Platform. Ready for rapid integration, augmentation and go-live.

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