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Fueling Energy Transition with Hydrogen

Guarantee product availability at your sites and retail stations and reduce the cost of logistics, management, and CI reporting.

Hydrogen supply chain is hurting

Unreliable inventory availability at retail stations
Limited supply at manufacturing sources
Expensive logistics management and transportation
Manual trailer monitoring and management
Costly, manual CI and sales reporting and 3rd party audits.
Manual Slot Scheduling
Supply chain with outdated technology and process

Velostics Gives You Superpowers

Velostics AI
Velostics AI

Actively monitors H2 inventory at stations, at sources and in transit. Orders and dispatches to maximize product availability and minimize logistics costs. 

Velostics Pass
Velostics Pass

Automatically tracks H2 movements and transfers to eliminate paperwork and  automate record keeping for every transaction. 

Velostics Insights
Velostics Insights

Automates Carbon Intensity, pathway, and volumes monitoring and reporting. Facilitates and speeds up third party audits.


In Numbers


Reduction in time spent managing inventory and orders


Reduction in manual effort related to reporting and audits


Reduction in H2 station downtime

We've Taken Care of the Hard Part

Easy Setup
Easy setup in minutes with an experience that works like you'd expect it to
Easy Setup
Already integrated with major terminal and dispatch systems
Easy Setup
No need to train customers, drivers or dispatchers