Warehouses & 3PL

Manual, error-prone dock appointment scheduling, wait times, errors loading and unloading trucks and detention charges lead to missed customer orders, suboptimal staffing levels and overtime pay and high operating costs at warehouses and 3PLs.

Velostics high performance logistics lets operations leaders and warehouse managers make shipping and receiving operations smarter, faster, error free, and drive operating costs down, making you the warehouse of choice.

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No manual scheduling

No more calls, emails, spreadsheets, errors, and suboptimal shipping and receiving schedules. Save time and focus your schedulers and material planners on minimizing risk to manufacturing operations and customer service.

Optimize shipping & receiving

Eliminate errors, delays at the dock and unknown POs/ROs by gathering required information for each load before the truck arrives at the facility, cutting un/loading time and increasing shipping & receiving staff productivity volume by 20%.

Reduce detention charges

Automate detention audits and challenge each charge on a case-by-case basis with accurate actual vs schedule and gate-to-gate data.

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Reduce gate-to-gate time and driver wait

Balance loads, reduce wait times and delays checking in, loading and unloading by 40% with a sophisticated capacity and appointment management, elimination of errors and missing information, and easy SMS check in and dock assignment.

No missed customer orders

Get all the information you need from your customers or carriers to expedite shipping and receiving operations and make sure every order is on time, per customer requirements, and with no errors or delays.

ERP and TMS integration

Velostics provides quick integration capabilities with leading ERP and TMS systems via sFTP or API. Pull in orders and internally managed loads to optimize capacity and appointments schedules.


How much would you be able to save with Velostics by optimizing scheduling, shipping and receiving and detention? 


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